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Oct 29, 2023

The 12 Best Slip

Our list includes comfy and stylish pairs for every occasion. Stefanie Waldek is

Our list includes comfy and stylish pairs for every occasion.

Stefanie Waldek is a writer with eight years of experience in the home industry.

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Real Simple / David Hattan

Slip-on sneakers are comfortable, go-to footwear that is extraordinarily versatile. With endless styles on the market, there's a pair of slip-on sneakers to suit every occasion—for everything from running errands to gym sessions.

"For me, the best part of the slip-on sneaker is the 'no-fuss' factor," says Zoé DuFour, an expert stylist. "They can transport you from Pilates to a girls' lunch. They look amazing with a sundress or a pair of linen slacks, therefore I will always recommend them to a client for summer travel because of their versatility. The perforated or knit ones wear well and breathe."

To find the best slip-on sneakers, we considered a range of styles, materials, and types of support for different feet. Since shoe choice is a personal preference, we chose a wide variety of options, seeking the best shoes across different categories. Our final list includes a range of slip-on styles, from lightweight loungers to stylish perforated leather designs.


They're the perfect blend of style and comfort, with a shock-absorbing cushion, sturdy sole, and arch support.

They may need to be broken in.

This is the ultimate slip-on sneaker, balanced perfectly between fashion-forward and extremely comfortable. We love the classic slip-on look with a flat white sole and chic upper for added visual interest. The shoe has smooth leather and soft nubuck with a snakeskin-like textured trim.

If you want a comfortable slip-on sneaker, the Vionic Zinah Sneakers have a shock-absorbing cushion, a flexible yet sturdy sole, arch support, and a deep heel cup for stability. The only downside is that you may need time to adjust to the shoes—something akin to a breaking-in period. Vionic recommends wearing the shoes for a few hours a day for one to two weeks before wearing them for long periods of time.

Price at time of publish: $120

Size Range: 5–11 | Materials: Leather, nubuck


This classic slip-on is affordable and cushioned for comfort.

There is not much arch support in this shoe.

When you picture a slip-on sneaker, this is probably the shoe you imagine. With a thick, flat rubber sole and canvas uppers with two elastic side gores, this style is simple enough to wear with almost any outfit. It comes in an impressive array of 22 colors, including a few with paint-splatter soles and others with tie-dye details. Some of the options also come in wide.

Keep in mind that these slip-on sneakers don't offer much in the way of arch support. The shoes do have cushioned footbeds for some comfort, though. Also, note that this affordable model is not slip-resistant.

Price at time of publish: $30

Size Range: 5.5–12, wide available | Material: Canvas


These comfortable, cushioned slip-ons are anti-microbial, anti-odor, and made with some recycled materials.

These shoes may not fit narrow feet.

Dr. Scholl's has been making shoes to ensure comfortable feet for almost 100 years. These slip-on sneakers have a two-inch platform and a roomy fit—plus cushioned insoles and an EVA layer that prevents foot fatigue. The chunky shoe comes in black and white.

Where this sneaker stands out (beyond its comfort level, that is), is its sustainability features. The fabric is partially made from recycled plastic bottles, while the anti-microbial and anti-odor insoles are made from 11 percent bio-based materials. Dr. Scholl's also donates one tree to Trees for the Future with every pair of these shoes purchased.

Price at time of publish: $90

Size Range: 6–11 | Material: Fabric made from recycled plastic bottles


The leather design is ultra-durable.

These shoes don't offer much arch support.

Canvas slip-on sneakers are a classic, but can get dirty easily and wear down at pressure points. For a more durable option, try these leather slip-on sneakers from UGG. While they have a similar shape and design to canvas slip-ons, the uppers are hardy leather, which is much easier to maintain. They have a cushioned footbed for comfort, but there's not as much arch support as there could be.

The shoes, which come in black and white, also feature a beige leather heel tab and a beige leather tag along its seam with the UGG branding.

Price at time of publish: $110

Size Range: 5–12 | Material: Leather


These sweat-wicking, breathable shoes are comfortable without socks.

There are no half sizes available.

These merino wool slip-on sneakers have a "digitally knitted" woven upper to ensure the material is soft yet durable, breathable yet water-resistant. (Digital knitting is like 3D printing for fabrics.) Choose from seven colors of merino wool, from mustard yellow to natural merino gray.

One of the benefits of merino wool is that you can wear these shoes without socks if you so choose. The material is naturally odor resistant and breathable so your feet won't overheat. If these slip-on sneakers get dirty, just toss them in the washing machine after removing the insoles.

Price at time of publish: $130

Size Range: 36–47 | Material: Merino wool


They have an elevated design, with a high-top side and interior wedge for added height.

These slip-ons are one of the higher-priced options on our list.

If high-top slip-ons sound too good to be true, look no further than Birdies The Falcon shoes. The slip-on sneakers take a cue from Chelsea boots, with a slit down the side of the shaft to better fit your foot and a white non-slip sole that keeps the casual vibe of a traditional sneaker. Inside the shoe, there's a hidden 20-millimeter wedge for a bit of added height.

These sneakers come in four suede colors: chestnut lined with faux fur (naturally, this is better for colder weather), as well as light beige, graphite, and olive hues that you can wear year-round. One of our favorite details about these sneakers is that they're water-resistant.

Price at time of publish: $165

Size Range: 5–12 | Material: Suede


These shoes are made with lightweight and breathable Tencel fabric to keep your feet comfortably cool.

They don't offer a lot of underfoot support.

These knit slip-on shoes feel like a comfortable slipper rather than a sneaker—they're that easy to slide on. Made from Tencel lyocell, sugarcane-based EVA, and castor bean oil-based foam, these shoes are lightweight and, as a bonus, more sustainable than others. Allbirds offers a series of rotating limited-edition colors for its shoes, but it also has three classics that are always available: gray, white, and navy.

While these sneakers are great for easygoing activities, from running errands to seeing a movie, they're not particularly supportive. Even so, they are cushioned and soft underfoot—just not necessarily the best shoe if you spend all day on your feet.

Price at time of publish: $100

Size Range: 5–11 | Material: Eucalyptus fiber


They're one of the most supportive pairs on our list, with impressive arch support and underfoot cushioning.

The athletic style may not coordinate with every outfit.

Skechers Go Walk line of sneakers is a favorite of those who need solid support underfoot, and this edition specifically targets arch support. In fact, the company worked with podiatrists to design the arch, so you know you're getting the right fit.

These slip-on sneakers are made for walking, with underfoot support that adds some pep to your step with a high-rebound effect. They might not be the most fashion-forward choice (looking more like athletic sneakers than street shoes) so they may not coordinate with every outfit. Still, the comfort is worth it—plus, we love that they’re machine washable.

Price at time of publish: $90

Size Range: 5–11, wide available | Material: Athletic mesh knit


These skater-style shoes have an extensive range of sizes, including wide options.

Canvas can become dirty and may be more difficult to clean.

The Vans Classic Slip-Ons debuted in 1977, becoming one of the go-to shoes in skate culture. Though the shoe has since become mainstream, it still retains that skate-shoe vibe—which could be a pro or a con, depending on your style.

The wide version of the shoe offers wearers 5 millimeters in bottom width and 10 millimeters in ball girth (that's the circumference around the inside of the shoe where the ball of your foot is). The canvas uppers come in three colors: black, white, and black-and-white checkerboard. Just note that these shoes don't have much arch support, so you might want to consider adding insoles—though that will take away from the extra width, as the built-in insoles aren't removable.

Price at time of publish: $60

Size Range: 5–17.5, wide available | Material: Canvas


They have a dressier style for those who want elevated shoes.

They don't offer much cushioning or arch support.

Perforated leather has the benefits of durability and breathability, which makes these slip-on sneakers ideal for three-season use. This elegant pair is made from Italian leather, and we love that the perforations give it some texture.

The shoes come in various neutral hues, plus some unique patterns. And, of course, there are the staples of black and white. The elastic runs down to the bumper sole for a unique design detail, distinctly dividing the shoe in half. Keep in mind that these sneakers do run large, so we recommend ordering one size down.

Price at time of publish: $199

Size Range: 5–12 | Material: Leather


These casual running shoes have plenty of support and cushioning.

They're only available in one width.

It might seem odd to wear running shoes without laces, but this slip-on pair has a snug, sock-like feel thanks to the thick, elastic straps across the top. Adidas is emblazoned on the straps, so if you dislike branding, these shoes might not be for you. But from a design perspective, we love that these straps secure your foot inside the lightweight, breathable knit of the uppers. The shoe also comes in various colors and patterns, particularly in the straps: There's a pair with leopard print and another with rainbow camo straps.

Though the Cloudfoam cushioning in the soles makes these shoes comfortable enough for your next workout, if you're a serious runner, we'd recommend a pair with laces, as they provide more security and stability.

Price at time of publish: $70

Size Range: 5–12 | Material: Textile


This washable pair has the look of laces without the hassle of tying them every time.

Fabric shoes may not last as long as other materials.

If you have fabric shoes, you'll need to know how to wash them because the material picks up dirt fast. With this pair of cotton canvas slip-on sneakers from Keds, just remove the insoles, place the shoes in a mesh bag or pillowcase, and toss them in your washing machine with liquid detergent.

Keds is known for its slim-silhouette canvas shoes—a departure from the chunky soles typical with slip-ons. This pair has faux laces for those who prefer the look of laced sneakers but the convenience of slip-on shoes. It comes in seven colors, including a classic black and distressed beige color for that perfect worn-in look. The only downside to this pick is that fabric shoes may get worn out relatively fast.

Price at time of publish: $55

Size Range: 5–11 | Material: Canvas

The Vionic Zinah Slip On Sneaker is our top pick for its balance of style and comfort. The multi-texture uppers are chic, while the shock-absorbing cushion, flexible yet sturdy sole, arch support, and deep heel cups support your feet. Once your body adjusts to these shoes, which are designed to help your posture, you can wear them for miles and miles.

For those who want an affordable pair of slip-ons for neighborhood errands, opt for the Lugz Women's Clipper Sneaker, which has a simple silhouette that can go with any outfit.

Comfort depends on your unique foot shape, but there are some features that can improve the overall comfort of your slip-on sneakers regardless of your foot. Look for cushioned insoles to help with shock absorption and a sturdy sole that supports your foot, like the Skechers Go Walk Arch Fit. From there, consider where you need additional support or padding, whether on the arches for those with high feet or a larger toe box if you have wide feet.

Consider whether you want your shoes to be lightweight, waterproof, or have a particular finish—materials will come into play in all cases. We recommend breathable materials for good ventilation, as your feet can get hot as you walk around. Sometimes you'll have to make a tradeoff for a specific look, like leather, which is undeniably stylish but can get stuffy on warm days.

Slip-on sneakers come in many styles, from casual street shoes to high-fashion options. Consider your existing closet and the occasions you'll wear slip-on sneakers the most. For those who like minimalist styling and only need slip-ons for running errands, opt for a simple, single-toned shoe, like the Lugz Women's Clipper Sneaker. But if you have a colorful, eclectic style, feel free to explore with bright shades, patterns, and funky design features.

"Shoes that are too big or too small can cause rubbing in certain areas, which increases your risk of forming a blister," says Sondema N. Tarr, DPM, a podiatrist and owner of Direct Podiatry Arizona. You can measure your shoe size at home and compare those measurements to the size chart to find the right fit. We also recommend browsing the reviews, as some may note that the shoe runs slightly large or small, depending on the brand and style.

Slip-on sneakers can be decent for walking, but it depends on their construction. "Shoes should have a sturdy yet slightly cushioned sole that's unable to be folded on itself at the arch. This provides the foot with added support to walk for long distances pain-free," says Dr. Tarr.

Ultimately, though, laces are the way to go. "In general, when possible, laces are best," says Sean Peden, MD, an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Yale University. Dr. Peden notes that "some people are limited and have trouble lacing due to joint stiffness or lack of flexibility," which is when slip-on sneakers can come in handy.

The lifespan of your slip-on sneakers depends on their quality of materials, amount of wear, and how you maintain them. If your slip-on sneakers are high quality, they may last some time. But if they're low-quality, they could wear down quickly. On average, a pair of everyday sneakers can last about 500 miles.

Ultimately, whether you wear socks with your slip-on sneakers is determined by your personal preferences. Socks can prevent blisters from forming on your feet, and they can be moisture-wicking. That said, some slip-on sneakers, like the Woolloomooloo Suffolk Merino Wool Slip On Shoes, are designed so they can be worn barefoot—in this case, the shoe will be breathable.

This article was written by Stefanie Waldek. Stefanie is a contributing writer for Real Simple with nine years of writing experience and four years of experience reviewing products. To find these recommendations, Stefanie spent hours researching slip-on shoes, relying on her experience as a travel writer who walks fair distances over varied terrain while comparing materials, design, price, and style. She also spoke with Zoé DuFour, an expert stylist; Sondema N. Tarr, DPM, a podiatrist and owner of Direct Podiatry Arizona; and Sean Peden, MD, an assistant professor of orthopedic surgery at Yale University.

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