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Oct 23, 2023

13 Best Straw Bags to Amp up Your Style Game This Summer

One of the best ways to add that much-needed pop to all your outfits is by

One of the best ways to add that much-needed pop to all your outfits is by pairing it with a bag of your choice. What better way to do it than by shopping for some of the best straw bags in the market? Not only is it a chic accessory, but it's also practical and helpful. Ask any woman what's inside her bag and you’ll be surprised to find her whole house inside it. Don't let the petite size of some bags deceive you either, we’ve learned our way around single or multiple zippers and also how to make use of the secret pockets and extra flaps that make a bag the perfect accessory it is.

Straw bags are making a grand comeback and we’re found the 13 best straw bags for you to pick and choose from. Need to impress your potential match on that first date? Looking for a gift for your mother-in-law but you’re just about getting to know her? Need a bag that can gulp down all the weekly groceries for your larger-than-life family? Don't you sweat it. We’ve got a straw for each and every occasion. Find yours today!

If you can't let a good pastel deal pass, this straw bag might be right up your alley. An envelope bag crafted to perfection, this sleek and chic beauty is a handwoven knit with lining. Made with straw rope, it is tightly bound to avoid awkward and gaping holes throughout the clutch. It may look tiny but it can house your cell phone, lipsticks, lip balms, and even your wallet. You can style it in two ways–as a crossbody shoulder bag with the belt provided or hold it as an envelope purse.

Dimensions: 10.63 x 7.87 inches

Material: Straw

A classy bag in the shape of a hexagon? What's not to like! If that wasn't enough, dig this. The stylish cross-body is the perfect blend of a white PU leather panel as the top flap and natural straw make up the rest of the body. Ideal for dinners and night-time events, the bag features a gold interlocked design chain that adds extra glamor to all your outfits. The cute bag can hold all your essentials like your cell phone, makeup, money, and cards.

Dimensions: 8.2" x 7.5" x 2.4"

Material: Natural straw + PU leather lining

A cute yet intricately woven straw bag, this one comes with a rounded bottom for easy carrying and also for good shape retention. It features a small handle, so you can carry it by the wrist or use it as a cross-body bag with the adjustable leather strap provided. The drawstring closure of the bag ensures that nothing ever spills out, even if you’re carrying small items like a lip balm or a body lotion. Available in other funky styles, patterns, and colors, this bag can also be a great gifting item.

Dimensions: 12.24 x 10.83 x 2.91 inches

Material: Polyester, cotton, straw

One look at this straw tote bag will have you running towards a beach picnic or at least dreaming up one! The rounded boat-like shape with a convenient circular handle makes it the perfect bag to store and stash anything and everything under the sun while bringing a generous dose of style and charisma. Made of straw in a thick braided pattern, the bag features a polyester lining and a drawstring closure. The best part? It's machine washable!

Dimensions: 15.75" X 3.94" X 9.84"

Material: Straw

If you’re in the market for a casual everyday wear bag, this one might appeal to everything you’re looking for. Ideal for work, lunch, or other everyday tasks, this shoulder bag is made from straw and finished with a polyester lining. With a PU strap that's tall and comfortable, you can use this bag to store a host of things. It also comes with one inner pocket and top zipper closure! Along with offering convenience and safety, the bag feels comfortable against the skin too.

Dimensions: 18.9'' X 15.6'' X 14.6

Material: Straw

We can almost picture you with this bag. A flowy, layered summer dress, gladiator sandals in brown, a pair of Boston-shaped sunglasses, and this elegant tote complete the look! Can you picture it too? Crafted to ultimate desirability with high-quality and lightweight straws, the bag comes with extra roomy PU leather over-the-shoulder handles. The bag is also outfitted with a snap-mechanism magnetic closure for the main compartment which houses one zipper closure interior pocket.

Dimensions: 10.63 in x W 6.3 in x H 12.2

Material: Straw and PU leather

It's almost as if the bag is giving you a message! And that message is to get out of bed and run to the beach because the ocean is calling! The round conch-shaped bag is delectably handmade, assuring you of superior craftsmanship and durability. A nod to sustainable living and environmentally-friendly fashion, this cutesy bag is made of 100% natural corn straw fiber and hand woven by senior crafters. An excellent choice to pair with summer dresses, this bag is ideal for day or nighttime events.

Dimensions: 17" inch Width: 18" inch

Material: Natural corn straw fiber

Is there anything that pom poms and tassels can't make look instantly cute? We doubt it. But, we’re talking about this stellar bag! The pom poms and the tassels only add to the charm of it. Made with high-quality and durable straw, this lightweight bag keeps ALL your belongings (yes, it's quite large) safe and protected from heat and rain. The bag features a soft fabric lining and the exterior of the bag feels soft against the skin.

Dimensions: 18.1" X 5.9" X 12.2

Material: Straw

Don't you just love an intricate woven pattern? Especially when it adds that classic yet casual touch to every outfit? This bag can do just that for you! Crafted with 100% cotton rope, this exquisite workmanship is a sight to behold. It features a heart-shaped opening and a single short handle. More aesthetic than practical, the makers ask for it to be used as such. Available in fresh colors like white, yellow, and black, this bag is one for keeps.

Dimensions: 13.8" X 15.4"

Material: 100% cotton rope

An elegant straw envelope clutch fit for every occasion, this bag comes with a magnetized button for extra safety and makes opening and closing the bag easy. The bag offers ample space to hold your wallet, makeup products, and smartphone, all at once. While you can simply hold it as a clutch, it also comes with a long strap, so you can wear it as a cross-body bag with the shoulder strap provided. To add to its charm, the bag comes with two pairs of rattan dangling earrings, so you can complete your look to perfection.

Dimensions: 10.91 x 8.19 x 1.42 inches

Material: Woven straw

Another great rattan option if you’re spending the day at the beach or planning a picnic at the park with your friends, this straw bag is woven with love and 100% natural hand-woven seagrass. It also boasts handcrafted knit elements and exceptional craftsmanship to give your outfits a quick and aesthetically-pleasant style boost. The unique half-round design of the bag makes for easy storing of your personal items while the rounded and straw-woven handle makes for easy carrying. The inside compartment comes with a drawstring closure to keep things from falling out.

Dimensions: 9.8 x 3.2 x 6.3 inches

Material: Rattan straw

A spectacular choice for when you only need your essentials like your credit cards and your cell phone, this phone will be the perfect fit for you. It goes well with flowy dresses or a shirt and pant combo and is considered a go-to bag for influencers across the globe. It comes with two strong buttons and magnetic snap closure along with a fully adjustable shoulder strap. The retro-style bag is 100% handwoven by Vietnamese artisans and comes with a small interior pocket.

Dimensions: 7.87 x 5.12 x 3.15 inches

Material: Rattan straw

Now here's a bag for those who like breezy, large totes and also for those who love the finer details in life. Made of high-quality natural hand-woven straw, the bag is designed to be durable and with environmentally sustainable practices. The bag comes with a polyester lining and PU straps, which makes it lightweight and comfortable for daily use. Not only can you store and carry a host of things in this bag, but you can also keep it safe with the sturdy zipper and the leak-proof lining.

Dimensions: 15.75 x 15.75 x 12.6 inches

Material: Polyester

Now that we’ve looked at some of the most practical and gorgeous straw bags, let's take a look at some things to keep in mind when purchasing one.

Use or purpose

Unlike cotton tote bags, straw bags are designed more for aesthetics than to store or hold heaps of vegetables or groceries. Likewise, leather or synthetic materials are also crafted to hold work essentials like a laptop and are more durable than straw bags while retaining shape. Most straw bags, even if large in size may only hold lightweight items. For instance, straw bags can be carried to the beach with lightweight essentials like a beach towel, a bedsheet, and sunblock lotion.


If you're a neat freak and love bags with compartments, inner pockets, and several zipped closures, straw bags may not be the right choice for you. Straw bags typically come with one primary zipper and a small inner pocket for things like your cell phone, keys, and wallets. The case is especially true for smaller, dress bags that sometimes don't even have a zipper and only a flap-open top.


If you're wearing a summer dress, some easy linen pants with a shirt, shorts, and T-shirt combo, and straw bags, whether large or small will complement your outfits. However, straw bags may not be the best choice for formal or somber gatherings or professional setups.


Unlike leather and cotton bags, straw bags tend to quickly fray, lose shape and color, and take on a limp and old appearance rather quickly. To avoid that, buy one that you are confident you can take care of. To store your straw bags and purses, keep them away from extremely humid and dry areas. It's best to store them in a non-air-conditioned space. To allow them to breathe better and prevent dust from gathering and settling in the small woven patterns, store them inside a cotton bag or wrap them with a soft cotton cloth.


While a straw bag can be used for all seasons, it's the preferred choice for summertime. When well-protected from the rainy season, a straw bag stays perky, and fresh, while retaining shape. When kept away from cold, damp, and gray winters, straw bags have a higher chance of staying dry and retaining their original colors.

They say a woman's handbag carries a million secrets but only we know the truth! We carry everything we may need for the day (and more) and a few extra things that our friends may need too! We’re generous that way. With rattan crossbody bags and straw bags taking over our social media feed like wildfire, we’re certain you’ve also wanted to get your hands on a straw bag that you would just love to rock. Let's get shopping and let's find you a bag from our list of the best straw bags!

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Ankita, the author, is our in-house fashion and style expert who loves to bring you nothing but the best in style, trend, and comfort. Here she has shortlisted the top straw bags for you to glam up your summer outfits!

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