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Jun 02, 2023

Several 24

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) just got another North American first,

Vancouver International Airport (YVR) just got another North American first, this time, in the form of The Smoothie Machine.

Five vending machines from Burnaby-based TrendiTech Inc. have recently been installed at the airport, which means travellers can fuel up on delicious sips before taking off on their trips.

The machines, which are open 24/7, offer a selection of nutritious blended beverages made with rescued fruits and vegetables.

Varieties such as Groovy Guava, Mango Tango, and Strawburst are available in the new machines.

These flavours were created by Trendi's president and chief culinary innovation officer, Christine Couvelier.

The Smoothie Machine

Folks can find the new smoothie machines post-security at YVR. Three are located in domestic departures, one is located in US departures, and there is one in international departures.

Each machine blends healthy smoothies in about a minute with no added sugars or preservatives.

"We are excited to work with YVR and have travellers and airport staff alike be able to access The Smoothie Machine and enjoy delicious smoothies at any time of the day," said Carissa Campeotto, co-founder and CMO, TrendiTech Inc.

"Each smoothie exclusively uses misfit fruit and veggies, picked directly from a farm and rescued before they would be wasted. YVR is one of the biggest and renowned airports, visited by many people across the world. It's incredible to have the opportunity to showcase The Smoothie Machine and our mission to fight food waste on a global scale, especially since 3.5 billion tonnes of food is wasted globally each year. We are so proud of our team for making this passionate project come to fruition."

Smoothies from these machines are dispensed into recyclable cups, along with a lid and single paper straw. Payment is cashless as well.

Be sure to keep an eye out for these machines the next time you’re prepping for takeoff!

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