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Oct 07, 2023

These Clever Things Are So Hot on Amazon Right Now

How did you ever live without these? When it comes to clever home goods, if you

How did you ever live without these?

When it comes to clever home goods, if you think you’ve seen it all, you’d be wrong. Whether it's a tray that transforms sofas into side tables or putty-like goo that keeps your car clean, this list is filled with products that are so hot on Amazon and are bound to surprise and delight.

Better yet, they’re all highly rated and affordably priced. So go ahead and stock up on all these genius products you never knew you always needed.

This grocery bag carrier, which debuted on Shark Tank, is here to make food shopping more comfortable. The top of the gadget twists open, allowing to you secure two bags, one on the front and one on the back, so that you can carry the load evenly balanced over your shoulders. Each clip can support up to 80 pounds and can even be used for gym equipment, too.

If you’re always losing track of your small personal care items, try this lip balm holder. Made from an elastic tube with a keychain ring attached, this holder is simple yet effective. Just feed your lip balm through the elastic sheath and secure to it wallets, belt loops, and more so it's always within reach.

If you’re looking to chill a drink fast, you’ll want this instant beverage cooler with a unique design. Just fill the chamber with ice, place your 12-ounce can inside, and power it on. The gadget spins your beverage to chill it in just 60 seconds, all without agitating the carbonation to prevent fizzy explosions.

While it might look like the slime you may have played with as a kid, this reusable car cleaning gel is here for your adult, car-owning needs. Thanks to the sticky, putty-like consistency of the product, it attracts dust and debris from hard-to-reach places like air conditioning vents, cup holders, crevices, and more. It's even ideal for use on computer keyboards, too.

Potty training puppies can be tough, but this training grass patch is here to help make it simpler. Made from real sod gross, the patch sits in a tray and teaches pups to go on grass rather than on floors or furniture. It helps to absorb smells and is easy to dispose of when it's time to swap it out for a new patch, or when doggy is ready to go outdoors.

Car cup holders can be notoriously difficult to clean, so protect them with these car coasters. They come four to a pack and are made from ceramic tile with an absorbent cork backing to defend against spills as well as shield from crumbs and debris. They even feature a notch at the top so you can remove them easily, too.

To get the perfect protein shake you need superior tools, and this shaker bottle is one of them. Available in several size options ranging from 20 to 32 ounces, it has convenient measurement markings along the side and a leak-proof drinking spout. It's also highly rated, with over 90,000 reviewers weighing in to give it a 4.7-star rating.

If you tend to treat your car like a trash can, why not just buy this car trash can and clean up your act instead? This mobile refuse receptacle has a 2-gallon capacity and can be clipped over a headrest or center console. It's waterproof with a zip-top closure to help keep odors to a minimum, with a rubber opening on the top for easy access. You can store essentials in the side mesh pockets as well.

This mini waffle maker isn't just adorable, it's useful for cutting down on food waste since it cooks up just one waffle at a time. It's made with two, nonstick griddle plates that each measure 4 inches in diameter. It heats up in just minutes, making it a practical addition to any kitchen.

For anyone short on counter space, this under-cabinet paper towel holder is a game-changer. The rectangular bracket can be aligned against the wall, on the underside of the cabinet, horizontally, or vertically, making it a versatile, space-saving device. You can also use it to hang lightweight kitchen utensils.

These pocket scrunchies are excellent for hiding essential items in plain sight. They come in a pack of three, and each one features a hidden zipper revealing a small pocket perfect for storing keys, money, and more. And since they’re made from cushy velvet, they’re gentle on hair, too.

This slim kitchen scale is an excellent addition to any home chef's tool rotation and fits easily in a drawer when not in use thanks to its small size. It has a stainless steel top that supports up to 11 pounds, plus a tare function to subtract the weight of bowls and other containers. The LCD screen makes your weight easy to read, too.

Proving that lunch on the go can still be a culinary experience, this bento lunch box is here to put brown bags everywhere to shame. It features two interior compartments to store separate meal components, which won't leak thanks to the silicone seal. On top there's a level that houses a fork and spoon, too. The entire set is even microwavable and dishwasher-safe.

If the stress and expense of stocking up on boxes every time you move has you down, make the switch to these reusable moving boxes with handles instead. Each box can fit 93 liters and supports up to 30 pounds. The zippered top means you won't have to worry about sealing anything up with tape, either. Just fold them flat to store when not in use.

Get expertly washed and dried greens with this salad spinner that has a large capacity. Just rinse your salad, place it in the interior chamber, and use the top pump to spin it around quickly, drying it in seconds. There's even a brake button on the top to stop the rotating in a flash.

Keep your car organized with this set of four headrest hooks. They feature a narrow hook on one side which loops around the metal bars of your headrest, and a wider hook on the bottom, perfect for hanging grocery bags, purses, and more. You don't even need to remove the headrest to install them, either.

Whether you want to confirm the temperature of your pizza oven or refrigerator or gauge the heat of cooking oil, this infrared thermometer is here to get the job done. It measures the surface temperature of tons of everyday objects so you can tell if something is safe to touch or ideal for cooking. It can detect a range of -58 to 1130 degrees Fahrenheit all with the push of a button.

If you’re looking for a place to store your drink without adding extra furniture to your space, this clip-on tray table is for you. It has spring-loaded arms to help keep the tray snug and works on a variety of sofa arms. The attractive octagon shape offers up a modern, geometric look, too.

Ensure your home looks tidy with these rug grippers. Each order comes with 12 tape-like grips that adhere directly to your rug and provide traction to help keep carpets in place. Better yet, they’re washable, so you can reuse them on multiple rugs around the house.

If you find yourself struggling with jars, these jar opener tools are here to help. The first features a silicone grip to create better leverage with larger jar tops, allowing you to twist with ease. The second is not only a bottle opener, but a narrow cap loosener, too. Score them in tons of bright, bold colors.

We all know that folding the top of the bag over doesn't do much to keep food from going stale, so close things up for real with this pair of vacuum sealers. Just press and hold the "+" side for a few seconds to heat it up and then run it across the top of the bag to seal. The other side has a cutting function to open up sealed bags. Hang them up by their handy hooks when you’re done.

This clever colander, which you can use to wash veggies or strain pasta, collapses flat for easy storage and has a hidden second function. Turn it upside down and its perforations turn it into a microwave shield to be used over plates as you heat things up. The outer shell prevents splatter and the perforations provide ventilation so meals reheat evenly.

If you struggle to stay hydrated throughout the day, this water bottle is here to help. It has an impressive 1-gallon capacity, with measurements denoted on the side of the bottle in both ounces and milliliters. On the other side, however, are evenly spaced time markings, so you can keep yourself on track throughout the day.

For the organizational obsessives out there, this computer monitor side panel is sure to delight. It attaches to the side of your computer with adhesive and creates an unobtrusive, streamlined look thanks to its transparent acrylic design. It features a clip at the top for papers and notes and a shelf at the bottom, perfect for balancing a phone. There's even a hole through which to feed a charging cable.

If you’re hoping to power up USB devices without adding lots of bulky chargers, this thin USB wall charger will get the job done. This three-pronged charger works in standard outlets and comes with two USB ports on the bottom to ensure cords stay flush with the wall and don't jut out. The charger is less than an inch thick, too.

If you’re looking for the convenience of wall-mounted knife storage without the look of metal, this wooden magnetic utensil holder offers the best of both worlds. Made from eco-friendly, neutral-hued bamboo, this strip of wood has a concealed magnet perfect for suspending metal utensils. All the screws needed for installation comes included, too.

Your garments deserve some TLC, and this fabric shaver can deliver it. This battery-powered shaver features a screen with different hole sizes to catch a variety of pilling, lint, and fuzz from your knits. It comes with two extra blades to increase its longevity and it even works on upholstery, too.

Why scrub items by hand when you can just use this ultrasonic jewelry cleaner instead? It works by creating ultrasonic waves that work in conjunction with water and cleaning solution to help remove dirt and grime without harming your valuables. It's safe to use on eyeglasses, jewelry, dentures, and even makeup brushes. And because of its compact size, it's easy to take on the go.

If you’re looking to cut back on your coffee shop spending, this cold brew coffee maker delivers bold flavor from the comfort of your home. It has a 1-quart capacity and can brew four servings at a time. Just fill the interior mesh filter with grounds, add water, and let it sit. It features an airtight lid and a nonslip handle for easy pouring.

If you thought outdoor lighting was one-size-fits-all, prepare to be charmed by these decorative lanterns. Featuring floral, sun-like perforations in the exterior metal casing, these lanterns cast eye-catching shadows on the ground below. And because they’re solar-powered, they’re easy on your energy bills, too.

Ensure you’ve got hands-free safety in your vehicle by using this universal car phone mount. It comes with a sticky suction cup mount that can support up to 60 pounds for use on dashes or windshields, plus a bonus air vent mount. The adjustable arms on the sides of the cradle ensure it fits phones of multiple sizes.

For pizza-lovers everywhere who don't want to clog their kitchen drawers with bulky tools, this mini pizza wheel is here to save the day. Featuring a rolling stainless steel blade, this pizza cutter has a plastic protective sheath that slides over the wheel to protect your hands when not in use. The entire device snaps apart and is dishwasher safe, too.

If you’re looking to streamline your cooking utensils, this cube-shaped measuring cup has you covered. Made from food-safe plastic, this cube has various sloped compartments equivalent to measuring cups and spoons, ranging from a cup to a teaspoon and more. It's charming as countertop decor and is dishwasher safe too.

Your devices and personal items have never been closer thanks to this bedside storage organizer. It has a flat top panel that sits underneath a mattress or sofa cushion and a side panel that hangs over, boasting two compartments and four mesh panels for storage. You can even weigh it down with books or a paperweight to use it over the edge of a desk.

Few things are more clever than items that are low maintenance, and this sheet set is no exception. Featuring a flat sheet, a fitted sheet, and two pillowcases, this set is made from a bamboo-microfiber blend, making it extra breathable. It's also wrinkle- and stain-resistant, ensuring it's super easy to care for.

Staying on top of household upkeep can be challenging, but this magnetic chore chart can help. It features a column for listing out various tasks, columns for days of the week, and slots to assign who is taking on different tasks. It even comes with three neon dry erase markers for checking off tasks when they’re done — which feels so satisfying.

To help ensure your pets look their best, cop this dematting brush with fine bristles that is suitable for sensitive skin. Not only does it have a ridged silicone nonslip handle, it has a clever feature that helps you clean it more easily. Simply press the button on the top of the brush and the bristles retract inward, allowing you to wipe hair away rather than wrestle it from the bristles.

Popcorn is a movie's best friend, and this silicone popper helps you serve it up with ease. There's a handy chamber inside the bowl that shows the perfect measurement marking for kernels, and the included lid ensures you won't have a mess in your microwave. The bowl collapses for easy storage when not in use.

Make treasured memories and charming gifts with this DIY hand casting kit. It comes with everything you need including a bucket for the molding, gloves, tools, casting powder, and more. Simply dip your hands into the molding, fill it with the casting material, then chip away the molding to reveal a unique keepsake you’ll cherish.

Banish tangled charging cords for good with this charging station. It features six USB ports and six iOS-compatible charging cables, though you can use your own USB cables, too. The devices stay evenly spaced and supported thanks to the clear dividers that organize phones, tablets, smartwatches, and more.

Protect your hands as you garden and work around the house with these gardening gloves. Made from eco-friendly bamboo, they’re lightweight and breathable, and thanks to the reinforced fingers, you’ll be safe from barbs and snags. They’re also touchscreen-compatible, so no need to take them on and off to check your phone. Just toss them in the laundry to clean.

It's likely anyone with knee, hip, or back issues has tried sleeping with a pillow between their legs only to have it shift out of place at night, but this knee pillow changes everything. Thanks to its removable, adjustable strap, it stays attached to your thigh as you sleep. And because it's made from memory foam, you can ensure it has plenty of support, too.

These book lights are not only affordable but super practical, too. They come two to a set and feature options for either warm amber lighting or cooler white lighting. Plus, they’re rechargeable so you won't need to worry about fumbling around with batteries. Simply clip them in place and adjust the flexible neck for your optimal reading experience.

For anyone looking to make the most out of the smaller kitchen appliances, this toaster oven baking set is here to help. It comes with two baking sheets and a stainless steel baking rack, plus two silicone sheet liners, since parchment paper in a toaster oven is a no-no. The pans are nonstick as well for easy clean up.

If you’ve ever struggled to lift wheeled furniture, these furniture risers are here to end your woes. Each pack comes with six risers, all of which feature a V-shaped well in the center to accommodate caster wheels and prevent them from rolling once they’re in place. The bottoms are all fitted with nonslip foam pads to protect floors.

Your furry friend deserves the utmost pampering, and this sling carrier for dogs and cats can give it to them. This reversible sling which features a solid color on the outside and a patterned lining inside is 14 inches deep, making it perfect for small pets weighing up to 12 pounds. It also has a security clasp that can clip to your pup or cat's collar.

If you enjoy appliances that aren't just functional but chic too, this pour-over coffee maker is bound to please. Made from borosilicate glass with a heat-resistant handle, this coffee maker couldn't be simpler to use. Just fill the stainless steel, double-walled filter with grounds and pour hot water over. The carafe stays put thanks to the nonslip bottom.

This floating corner shelf is an excellent way to add visual interest to your space while also turning blank corners into extra storage. Made from laminated fiberboard and available in both natural and bold hues, this unit has five levels of shelving perfect for displaying decor. All the hardware to install it comes included.

If you spend hours a day sitting at a desk, this office chair seat cushion might be the solution to discomfort you’ve been waiting for. Made from soft yet supportive memory foam, this cushion has a small hollowed out section at the back designed to relieve pressure from your tail bone. The removable cover makes it easy to clean, too.

Any aspiring home chefs are sure to appreciate this pasta maker machine with its classic, stainless steel finish. Its hand crank gives it an old-fashioned feel while still being simple to use. Choose from seven different thickness settings and make use of the pasta-cutting attachments to set your noodles free once you’ve reached the desired length.

If your makeup collection looks like an unorganized heap languishing on your dresser or in a drawer, neaten it up with this vanity holder. Made from transparent acrylic so you can easily spot your products, this vanity has nine compartments ranging from flat trays to tall niches. Just wipe it down with warm water and soap to clean.

Mattresses can be big investments, so keep yours in ideal condition with this mattress protector featuring a secure zippered closure. It protects against bed bugs, bacteria, allergens, and more. It's water resistant but topped with a cotton cloth layer, so it won't feel crinkly or uncomfortable under your sheets.

If you’re short on natural light but still love the look of classic farmhouses, try these wooden window frames. You can orient them vertically or horizontally and they offer up a rustic vibe at an affordable price point. Place a photo behind them for some whimsy or just hang them as is.

This refrigerator can organizer is here to prevent cluttered fridges and loose cans. The transparent plastic tray ensures all your items are easy to spot, and it fits nine standard size cans at once, stacking them evenly to conserve space. The cut-out handle allows for easy access and refilling.

If you find yourself slipping on stairs, decks, or other surfaces, just install this anti-slip tape to help make surfaces safer. The textured top provides traction thanks to the 80-grit aluminum oxide. It couldn't be easier to install, since you simply cut the tape to your desired length and stick it on.

Any aspiring artist is bound to appreciate this portable easel that folds flat and can be carried like a suitcase thanks to the handle on top. Made from beechwood, this easel can be adjusted to four different angles for customization. There's even a pull-out drawer at the bottom for storing supplies and more.

You can enjoy the fun of bowling without ever leaving your house thanks to this indoor table bowling game. The set comes with a roll-out mat that mimics a lane, six mini pins, and two sliding disks. All of it is easy to transport because it fits easily into the included drawstring bag.

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