Automatic High Speed Vest Plastic Non-Woven Bag Making Machine


Automatic High Speed Vest Plastic Non-Woven Bag Making Machine

Automatic High Speed Vest Plastic Non-Woven Bag Making Machine

Overview Product Description This machine with HDPE, LDPE tube film as raw materials can produce printing, color, vest b

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Basic Info
Model NO. CZ500X2
Speed High
Continuous-Rolled Yes
Sealing & Cutting Heat-Sealing Heat-Cutting
Layer Single
Machine Type Bag Forming Machine
Computerized Computerized
Type Plastic Bag Making Machine
Model 500×2
Bag Making Speed 100-380PCS/Min×2
The Machine Weighs 2700kg
The Bag-Making Thickness 0.01-0.05mm
Transport Package Plastic Film/Bubble Film
Specification L6800XW1700XH1800mm
Trademark CHAOSHUN
Origin China
HS Code 8441200000
Product Description

This machine with HDPE, LDPE tube film as raw materials can produce printing, color, vest bag, using PLC control, stepper motor fixed length, LCD touch screen real-time display, from the feeding, cover, cutting, punching, conveying one-time completion, high degree of automation, good economic benefits.

1. This machine is a special machine for vest bag heat sealing. It can automatically punch double lines to increase production and save manpower.
2. This machine is double track, double production line, double printing bag, double servomotor.
3. Electric eye induction tracking, precise printing pattern, automatic stop warning when the electric eye fails.
4. Main motor inverter control, simple operation, reduce power consumption.
5. Automatic stop device without material.
6. The machine can reach the set number of sheets, punching machine immediately clamp the bag, do not need to stop, can continue to feed.
7. The newly designed sealing knife structure, when the sealing knife needs to be cleaned, the sealing knife can be turned over 180 degrees to fix to clean, safe and reliable, maintenance is easier.
8. The bag is neat and sealed firmly.
9. Using gas-liquid booster cylinder punching machine, low noise, small gas consumption.

Main technical parameters

configuration parameter
Model 500 x 2
Maximum bag-making length 280-650mm×2
Maximum bag-making width180-430mm×2
Bag making speed 100-380pcs/min×2
The bag-making thickness 0.01-0.05mm
Total power 16kw
The machine weighs 2700kg
Overall dimensions L6800×W1700×H1800mm
The air pressure 10HP
Main frameIron plate
Feed control systemAnalog control
Cutter heating methodCurrent heating
Punching frameSteel plate
Discharge methodLever (independent discharge)
Discharge brakeMagnetic powder 5 kg

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