Low Price 4 Colors Paper Bag Flexo Printing Machine Flexographic Press


Low Price 4 Colors Paper Bag Flexo Printing Machine Flexographic Press

Low Price 4 Colors Paper Bag Flexo Printing Machine Flexographic Press

Overview Product Description This machine is a printing machine using sensitive resin soft plate as plate material, comm

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Basic Info
After-sales Service 1 Year
Warranty 1 Year
Printing Page Double Faced
Printing Color 4 Colors
Anilox Roller Ceramic Anilox Roller
Dryer IR
Type Ink Jet
Embossing Structure Flat-Bed Cylinder Press
Structure Unit Type
Application Pre Printed Carton
Automatic Grade Semi-Automatic
Printing Speed 120m/Min
Clolors Four Colors
Max Unwinder/Rewinder 1000mm
Machine Total Power 33kw
Thickness of Plate The 2.28 mm
Transport Package Plastic Film/Bubble Film
Specification 8000*2200*3500
Trademark CHAOSHUN
Origin China
HS Code 8443160002
Product Description

This machine is a printing machine using sensitive resin soft plate as plate material, commonly known as "flexographic printing press". Suitable for printing polyethylene, polypropylene plastic bags, cellophane, web and other packaging materials, is the ideal printing equipment for food paper packaging, supermarket handbag, bag, clothing bag and other packaging.

Main features:
1. Easy to operate, accurate color, long service life
2. Adopt motor, frequency conversion speed regulation, save electricity, operation fluctuation is small
3. Automatically stop the inking motor and automatically start the inking device
4. Synchronous belt drive, more accurate printing size,
5. Equipped with two sets of blowing and heating devices, the heating adopts the central constant temperature control system and group control
6. The low roller is made of special steel and processed by special process, and plated with 10 wire thick hard chromium protective layer
7 Aluminum alloy guide wheel for hard oxidation, dynamic balance, static balance treatment
8 with cold air molding bellows, can effectively prevent ink adhesion and other defects after printing
9. The printing image is clear and has a strong sense of hierarchy

Main technical parameters

configuration parameter
Mater feelding width600mm800mm1000mm
Max Printing560mm760mm960mm
ClolorsFour colorsFour colorsFour colors
Thickness of plateThe 2.28 mmThe 2.28 mmThe 2.28 mm
Printing length350-1000mm Random 400mm350-1000mm Random 400mm350-1000mm Random 400mm
Maximum machine speed120m/min120m/min120m/min
Printing speed60-100m/min60-100m/min60-100m/min
Register precisionLateral ±0.15mm longitudinal ±0.15mmLateral ±0.15mm longitudinal ±0.15mmLateral ±0.15mm longitudinal ±0.15mm
Driving systemSynchronous belt driveSynchronous belt driveSynchronous belt drive
Heating methodElectricity heating. Electricity heatingElectricity heating. Electricity heatingElectricity heating. Electricity heating
Max oven tempMaximum 120ºC MAX120ºCMaximum 120ºC MAX120ºCMaximum 120ºC MAX120ºC
Max unwinder/rewinder1000mm1000mm1000mm
Suitablle InkWater-based, oil-based inkWater-based, oil-based inkWater-based, oil-based ink
Machine total power33KW33KW33KW
Machine size5500*1900*3050mm5500*2100*3050mm5500*2300*3050mm

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Our Advantages

The company specializes in the production of various types of film blowing machine die head, die head plated with hard chromium, its structure is spiral mand-shaft, uniform discharge, smooth. The blowing film die head is composed of a die body (die core, die cylinder, die ring) and a heater (heating ring). The first selection, is to choose the corresponding material. The second step is forging, forging the material into the mold parts of the rough embryo, the molecular structure of the forged embryo is more dense. The third is to carry out lathe processing, according to the design drawings of the die head car out of the die head, in the lathe processing, as far as possible with high precision lathe, and skilled lathe master car. The fourth is polishing, polishing the runner part of the car mold, the better the finish, the better the blown film, the more no silk road. The fifth is chromium plating. The runner part of the polished mold is plated with chromium, so that the runner part has a layer of hard chromium, which increases the wear resistance and corrosion resistance of the die head and then polishing, which can make the mold not easy to damage and not easy to produce residual coke. Finally, the parts of the mold are installed and the heating ring is put on. Die head structure according to the characteristics of LDPE, HDPE, LLDPE three kinds of polyethylene, after many comparative tests for selecting and shaping, has the advantages of large internal pressure, stable and uniform extrusion, film strength performance is good, no crack and the extruder of this unit good match. At the same time changing the ratio of three kinds of polyethylene and mixed material, recycled material blowing film production can be done without replacing the die head on the method, only one; Take the method up, to the best. Zhengyu company always adhere to the principle of "people-oriented", in strict accordance with the modern enterprise system and standard management, actively create the best corporate culture, constantly absorb high-quality talents from all sides to join, inclusive, learn from others, our company has made great achievements, set up a good image in the industry, greatly enhance the brand competitiveness. Our company provides non-standard design, production and commissioning one-stop service, welcome customers with material test, inspection and ordering. Sincerely welcome new and old customers sincere cooperation, super shun will, as always, forge ahead, in order to build China's drying enterprise and forever forward, in the new century with you to create the first!